Mandala Policies

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We are so glad you chose The Mandala! To help you with your experience, please go over this handbook and feel free to call or stop by the front office or ask any of the teachers/staff members. 


Mission Statement:  The Mandala provides a nurturing, loving environment for students to achieve self knowledge and to bring profound inner transmission through the joy of dance and art. 

Please make sure you register online and get all of the materials needed for first class!  


  1. Everyone is expected to respect each other. 

  2. Students are expected to clean up after themselves.

  3. Please wear proper dance attire and be on time to avoid any distractions for other students.

  4. People not a part of class are welcome to wait and watch outside of the hall, but please keep talking to a minimum to minimize distractions.

  5. Students must leave personal belongings to the side in their designated areas.

  6. Water is welcome and encouraged.

  7. Gum is prohibited.

Social Media Policy:

  1. No private information regarding other students should be shared through any means.

  2. Registering and submitting forms for classes with Mandala is considered consent for the individual to be included in picture or video posts through the Mandala’s social media accounts.


Dress Code:

  1. All students please wear their Mandala shirts to their dance classes. Bottoms and shoes that you feel comfortable and appropriate are expected.

Class Cancellations:

  1. Communication regarding cancellations will primarily be through email. Under ideal circumstances, this email will be sent 24 hours prior to class. Unfortunately, circumstances are not always ideal, if this is the case the email will be sent as soon as possible to provide ample time to accommodate.



  1. There will be a $35 registration + T shirt  fee for all of our dance classes. 

  2. All payments are due on their due date. Payments will be considered late after the 3rd day & there will be a $10 fine per customer. 


 There will be a recital fee that will be due 2 months ( March & October) prior to the recital date. 



Why join?


  • ​You deserve a break. 

  • Fitness.​

  • Fun. 

  • Self Care. 


 The Mandala truly appreciates you joining our #Mandalafamily and we’re so grateful for the trust that you’ve placed in us. We sincerely hope that your time at The Mandala is wonderful. 


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us. 

Phone - 469 667 0727

Email -